New Police Report Sketches a Disturbing Picture of the Las Vegas Shooter

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Investigators have revealed more information about the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, including his Internet search history, computer contents, and medical information. It appears Paddock carefully planned his attack and chose The Route 91 Harvest Music Festival amongst a variety of other open-air events.

A preliminary report has released by police on January 18 reveals Paddock was an isolated and disturbed man who meticulously planned his attack. Paddock’s internet history included searches for “open-air concert venues,” “biggest open-air concert venues in USA,” and “how crowded does Santa Monica Beach get,” “swat weapons,” “SWAT Las Vegas,” and “do police use explosives.” They also found several handwritten notes including bullet trajectory and drop calculations.

Police spoke to Paddock’s primary care physician who had most recently seen Paddock for an annual checkup in October 2016. He described Paddock as an “odd” person who showed “little emotion” and a fear of medicine. The physician suspected Paddock suffered from bipolar disorder but that Paddock refused to discuss his mental state. However, Paddock did accept a prescription for anxiety medication.

Police also found hundreds of photos of child pornography on Paddock’s computer. Paddock’s brother was recently arrested on child pornography charges.

Though police have uncovered the profile of a clearly disturbed individual, his motivation for the attack is still unclear.