Lauren Alaina Surprising Fans in a Red Wig and Martina McBride Shirt is the Funniest Thing You’ll Watch This Week

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Lauren Alaina is a star. And if her voice and bubbly personality mixed with more grit and determination than most people’s grandparents can’t convince you of that, just wait until you see her acting chops.

Lauren teamed up with Lyft and Cracker Barrel to surprise some unsuspecting fans during CMA Fest. Lauren donned a red wig, cowboy hat, Martina McBride shirt and an accent. She told people she was from Wisconsin and she basically sounded like the mom from “Bobby’s World.”

The rides started out innocent enough until Lauren started playing the one-upper game. One girl told Lauren she went on a hike and Lauren immediately said, “Well I went hiking yesterday too and it was probably farther than yours.”

At one point she told a few passengers that she really liked all the hot guys at CMA Fest and that she needs to break up with her boyfriend because he cheated on her. She then started crying.

Other unsuspecting riders got a science lesson on trees, “if I was going to be a tree, I’d probably be a West African Willow or something.”

It was incredible.