Levi Hummon is On The Road Trip of a Lifetime

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Levi Hummon has dedicated his life to becoming a country music artist and though the Nashville native grew up in a country music home (his dad is a songwriter), he’s hitting the road on his own, ready to make his way as a singer-songwriter.

After launching his debut EP, which includes the song “Guts and Glory,” Hummon launched his Ram-Powered Guts Glory Road Trip across the US in a brand new Ram 1500.

The idea for the song started after Hummon saw one of the Ram commercials fans have to know and love– the gritty ones with Sam Elliot narrating and making everyone want to be a cowboy, or at least drive a truck. The message of the song is all about overcoming the hardships in life through the viewpoint of hard-working, everyday Americans.

Hummon has already visited and is set to visit San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Dallas, Austin, Detroit, Atlanta and New York. Hummon has been documenting his journey along the way.

Fans can follow along on the journey by visiting LeviHummon.com and using the hashtag #GutsGloryRam.