Levi Hummon Talks Songwriting, Road Tripping and More

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Levi Hummon has wrapped up his 5-week long Ram Road Trip, where the Nashville native drove a Ram 1500 pickup truck to 12 cities across the U.S.

“I heard the slogan ‘Guts and Glory’ on a Ram commercial and knew it would be an awesome title,” said Hummon. “We sat down and the song felt like it wrote itself.”

One Country was on the road with Levi as he traveled from Los Angeles to New York City to chronicle the journey.

“We really wanted to travel around the country to tell people about the message of ‘Guts and Glory’ which to me is about people who have overcome difficulties and then triumphed,” Levi added.

During one stop on Levi’s road trip, One Country sat down to talk to him about what it’s like being a songwriter, growing up under the influence of a successful songwriter and just what this once-in-a-lifetime journey means to him and his story.