After You Hear Little Big Town Cover Alicia Keys’ “Fallin'” You Will Be a Different Person

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We all have those moments in life that we can remember the first time we heard or saw something. And not just tragic things, but things that are special and unique you just have to stop and take it all in.

The first time I saw this video of Little Big Town covering Alicia Keys‘ “Fallin'” it was a crisp, beautiful fall morning. The sun was shining. My office wasn’t too cold or too hot. i was wearing my white Nikes. And I couldn’t believe my ears.

These four humans, led by the incomparable Karen Fairchild, are so soulful and badass it’s unreal.

At one point, when Jimi Westbrook takes his turn I closed my eyes and thought Justin Timberlake was actually singing with Alicia Keys.

To note, the first time I heard “Fallin'” I was in a gym getting ready to play a basketball game.