19 Photos of Little Big Town’s Fashion Game Going From Not to Hot


Little Big Town has long been the darling of the Country Music Association and really, Nashville in general. You need a tribute performance? Call Little Big Town. You need a spokesgroup for inclusion? Call Little Big Town. You need a story about working hard and persevering through adversity? Call you know who.

The foursome of Little Big Town, made up of Karen Fairchild, Kimberly Schlapman, Jimi Westbrook and Philip Sweet, may be the most universally loved and respected group of all-time in any genre of music. And despite the fact that they’ve been making music for decades, there’s rarely an ill word ever said about them. Unless it comes to some of their past fashion choices. As a group and individuals, LBT has really been through some ups and downs and a lot of those came in the form of their overall aesthetic. Let’s just say– they weren’t always on the best-dressed list.

Around 2012 with the release of Tornado, LBT started to break out of the box and by 2014 they were the most stylish group around.

19 Photos of Little Big Town’s Fashion Game Going From Not to Hot:


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