LBT’s Kimberly Schlapman Has Only Taken Two Shots of Tequila in Her Life, But They Were With Kenny Rogers and Matthew McConaughey

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During a recent game of Never Have I Ever with Little Big Town, we learned a lot about the foursome.

We learned even more after they had to answer a few questions and had to keep drinking.

Our favorite question was, “have you ever taken the stage after a few too many drinks.” The entire group took a drink and as Kimberly Schlapman wasn’t about to take a drink, Karen Fairchild said, “come on!” Spurring on the story that Kimberly’s only taken two shots of tequila in her life– one with Kenny Rogers and one with Matthew McConaughey.

Not bad. There are definitely worse people to take a shot with.

The group was playing Never Have I Ever while drink their new wine. Check out for more info.