[Listen] Loretta Lynn Gets Feisty On New Track “Ruby’s Stool”

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Loretta Lynn Ruby's stool
Courtesy of Sony Nashville

Loretta Lynn heads to the honky tonk in her sassy new song “Ruby’s Stool” off her forthcoming album, Wouldn’t It Be Great. The nearly three-minute track has the country legend ready to start a fight with a woman at the bar dancing with her man.

“Ain’t never been one to fight / But friends tonight’s the night / I’m just the one that’ll put her in her place,” Loretta sings about a patron who has it coming for her.

Inspired in part by a real-life couple that Loretta knew from her days playing in Texas bars, the upbeat piano driven track embodies the type of heartbreaker she sings about in previous classics like “Fist City” and “You Ain’t Woman Enough (To Take My Man).”

Loretta co-wrote the song with Shawn Camp and it’s one of 13 tracks on the new album that she penned. “It’s one of the greatest things that me and Shawn wrote,” Loretta says in a statement.

Her daughter, Patsy Lynn Russell, agrees, adding that her mom still embodies the feisty nature fans know and love.

“It’s my favorite song on the record. When I hear that song, I have to smile, because I’m like, ‘She’s still got it. She still has it when she writes those songs,’” Patsy shares.

Patsy co-produced the album with John Carter Cash at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tenn. Wouldn’t It Be Great will be released on Sept. 28 and it follows 2016’s GRAMMY nominated album Full Circle. Ahead of the album’s release, Loretta has also revealed the album’s title track which is the last song she wrote for her late husband, Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn.