Lucie Silvas Delivers Most Haunting Cover of Willie Nelson’s “Always On My Mind” We’ve Ever Heard

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“Always On My Mind” was originally written in 1972 and has been recorded by dozens of artists, including Brenda Lee and Elvis Presley. The most famous and most well-known version was released by Willie Nelson in 1982. It’s his version of the tune that was named CMA Song of the Year twice and won three GRAMMYs in 1983.

The song was written by Johnny Christopher, Mark James and Wayne Carson. After finishing the song, the trio knew they had a hit on their hands and took it to legendary producer, Fred Foster, who turned the song down saying, “I don’t think the world’s ready for that.”

Over 30 years later, as a part of the Country Music Association’s Forever Country cover series, Lucie Silvas has covered the tune like few before her. Silvas’ voice is absolutely haunting as she plays the piano.