Luke Bryan’s Hour-Long ABC Special About Loss, Life, Family and Music is Worth Watching

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You don’t have to be a fan of Luke Bryan’s music or hip shaking to recognize that he’s one of the good ones. Luke is a husband, father, son and friend to many and his dedication to his family and friends comes from overcoming several family tragedies.

Before he was ever a No. 1 hit singer or the CMA Entertainer of the Year, he lost his brother right before moving to Nashville. Not long after that he lost his sister who had three children of her own. In 2014, his brother-in-law passed away and Luke and his wife Caroline took on their nieces and nephew as their own, even moving their nephew Til to Nashville to live with them.

Luke’s full family story was on display during Robin Roberts’ ABC News Special, “Living Every Day: Luke Bryan.” The hour-long special was an in-depth look at what a day at home looks like with his family and what it’s like for Luke on the road.

Luke wasn’t shy about the heartache that still accompanies him most days or the joy he feels on stage. He also shared a lot about his faith and how it’s helped his family carry on.

Mostly, I was super impressed with the profound, yet down-to-earth things Luke shared.

“In my life I’ve known triumph, but tragedy is no stranger to me.”

“I smiled a lot and I enjoyed it.”

“Me and my family and my friends and my fans, we’ve all overcome a lot together.”

“I still feel like I’m on the upswing.”

“I know a lot of people out there that have dealt with loss, you have to honor their life by keep on living.”

“It’s awful that they are not here, it’s so frustrating…”

“Whatever is going on in my life, she puts the family dynamic first in my life.”

“Here we are again, we have three children who have lost both parents and that becomes our new journey to help them navigate life.”

“Our focus is to advise him and raise him, to the best of our ability, like my sister would have wanted.”

“I’ve watched my family go through ebbs and flows when we get mad at God, but you keep going and try to be as positive as you can.”

“It’s important if one person sees the positivity that you can move on in your life with.”

“He’s in control…for every hiccup in the road, music has been very good to me. Music from the joys in the music and the times my family and I have gotten together and celebrated this amazing moments, we know there are people smiling down on us and music has certainly helped us through this crazy ride of life.”

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