Luke Bryan Just Met His Most Special Fan Ever and Our Hearts Are Melting


Luke Bryan doesn’t just have a way with the ladies when he’s on stage shaking his hips. He’s truly genuine and kind to fans of all ages, especially when it comes to 9-year-old Addi Keegan.

Keegan has been battling cancer since she was a toddler and it’s always been a dream of hers to attend one of Bryan’s shows. Recently, in Cleveland, that dream came true.

A Special Wish Cleveland arranged transported for Keegan and her family who got time with Luke Bryan before his show. During the meeting, Keegan told Bryan that her favorite song is “Play It Again.” Bryan dedicated it to her during the show and told her, “you better be paying attention tonight!”

Before singing “Play It Again,” Bryan did just what he said he would do and gave Keegan a special shout out.

Linda Beth
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