First “American Idol” Judges Photo Looks Like an Awkward Family Christmas Card


Auditions for season 18 of the “American Idol” reboot on ABC are officially underway, which means– Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Richie have all been in the same room together now. And they’ve taken quite the family photo with Ryan Seacrest.

At first glance, the photo looks like any other casual cast photo, but a closer examination reveals a little bit of good ol’ awkward family photo goodness.

Casual, cool, friendly– a very, watch out show, we’re kind vibe being thrown out.

But, then… Ryan’s hands.

His left hand is draped over Luke’s shoulder like his arms might be longer than his legs. The placement is so strange it almost makes Luke look small.

Maybe Ryan’s arms are really long? Look at the extension to reach Lionel.

For such a famous man, Lionel sure doesn’t seem to feel natural when smiling in front of a camera.

Katy Perry literally doesn’t know anyone else is in this photo.

Luke’s posture is on-point.

They did seem a little more natural around each other on “Good Morning America.”

Minus Lionel throwing shade at Luke and trying not to touch him.

Lauren Cowling
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