Luke Bryan Says He’s Coming for Blake Shelton After All Those “He’s Dumb” Comments

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Blake Shelton better watch his back, because he’s started a feud with someone other than Adam Levine. Luke Bryan is ready to take his slot on “American Idol” and show Blake who’s really in charge.

During a recent appearance on “The Ellen Show,” Ellen DeGeneres asked Luke if she took on the role of judge on AI just to combat Blake?

“100 percent. He’s having too much TV time,” Luke said.

Ellen also addressed that quote, “I think people are going to realize just how dumb he really is when they see him on national television, in an environment where there’s no script. But you’re also gonna see what a great, great, dude that guy is.”

Luke said, “my platform in entertainment is to uplift others and bring a positive message…He always says, ‘but I love him like a brother,’ every time he degrades me. That’s not going to work anymore, now, I’m on TV against him and I’m coming for him.”

Blake is in his 13th season as coach on “The Voice” and Luke will be joining the 18th season of “American Idol,” which comes back in 2018. Luke did serve as Blake’s special advisor on “The Voice” last season, so he probably learned a few tips and tricks from his new nemesis.