Luke Bryan Tells Ellen: Even if You Ask Nicely, You Can’t Touch My Butt

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Chances are, no musician starts out wanting to be known as the “butt guy.” Not even Luke Bryan, who has one of the best butts in the business.

During an appearance on the “Ellen Show,” Luke explained his meet and greet rules to Ellen and, that yes, he had to make a rule about touching his butt.

Ellen: No one can touch your butt?

Luke: Yes, we had to start that one.

Ellen: So, was it really that much of a problem that everyone was grabbing your butt? LIke they’d go to take your picture…?

Luke: Well, they’ll sneak one in on ya… we’ve learned to understand it.

Ellen also asked if this was a problem for everybody in country music and Luke hilariously shared that, “me and other country stars don’t necessarily sit around and talk about it…how many butt grabs did you have last week?”