Luke Bryan Opens a Cigar Shop in Florida– Shore Thing Cigars

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Luke Bryan can add “and smokin’ cigars on some days” to his now No. 1 hit song, “Huntin’, Fishin’ and Lovin’ Every Day.” Maybe.

The country music superstar is now a “friendly” partner in a brand new Florida cigar shop, Shore Thing Cigars at The Hub on the eastern end of 30A. Bryan has a home along the South Walton shore.

According to the Walton Sun, “customers will find a walk-in humidor with hundreds of different kinds of hand-rolled cigars imported from the Dominican Republic, and Honduras.” The shop also offers up a selection of wines.

Bryan’s co-owner in the venture, Paul Copeland also told the newspaper, “It’s a lifestyle lounge. And, with the wine and champagne, we are focusing on the higher end ones.”

So, actually, it’s “huntin’, fishin’, lovin’ cigars in the lifestyle lounge every day” for Bryan.