Luke Bryan Opens Up About Turning to Faith Following Tragic Family Events

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Luke Bryan Faith podcast
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

One subject that many people shy away from talking openly about is faith. But GMA’s Paula Faris has created a new podcast, “Journey’s of Faith,” about that topic. Luke Bryan made an appearance on the podcast to discuss how he has leaned on his faith after the many tragedies his family has faced in life.

“I grew up small town baptist church, walked across the street to church. I learned a lot from that Baptist church upbringing and I’ve also had the privilege to learn about the whole country and see so many different types of people out there,” Luke said. “My beliefs, where I truly dig my teeth into, are can you imagine if we just lived like Jesus?

“I feel it would be a wonderful world if we approached our lives the best we can with the example he left us,” Luke added. “I truly believe that God does do plans for us. There are these spirits within us that we have to act on, believe in, work on—people looking after us. Some people think that’s an ignorant way to think about it but the way that I have to get through life, is that mentality.”

Luke’s Faith was tested after going through a great amount of tragedy with his family. The “Most People Are Good” singer lost his brother before his move to Nashville, he lost his sister and later his brother-in-law too soon, leading him to adopt their three children.

“Me and my family have countless times sat around wondering, ‘what the heck is God doing? Why are we the ones that right when it seems like we got our footing under us, the rug gets pulled out?’ Another thing, Caroline’s brother and sister-in-law—we lost a little niece not long ago at 7 months old and that’s another element,” Luke explains. “We sit around and we wonder why these things. At the end of the day I think all you truly have is you just have to have Faith in the fact that we’re going to see them again, we’re gonna be with them again. We’re gonna be with them and be with a whole lot of other people that we’re just gonna love for the perfect right reasons. There’s a lot of different ways to interpret where we’re gonna go after we’re done on this earth. I have to truly dig my Faith in that that’s what it’s gonna be. Or else I would be lost in my opinion. There are good and bad days.”

The podcast goes on to talk about Luke helping others through grief, healing his own and wondering how much more tragedy one family can take.

“I do want people to see a positive light when they are around me. That’s the best compliment I get when a fan goes, ‘I lost my brother and watching you attack life with a smile inspires me,’ Luke says. “That’s the way I want to inspire.”

Listen to Luke talk about Faith in “Journey’s of Faith with Paula Faris.”