Caroline and Luke Bryan’s Kangaroos, Margo and Todd, Are Adjusting Nicely to the Good Life


Luke and Caroline Bryan may be a superstar country couple, but that doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy the finer things in life and they’re going to make sure all of their guests– humans or otherwise– are also living the good life.

As a special Christmas surprise for her Brett’s Barn project, Caroline received two baby kangaroos from Luke for Christmas. Luke blindfolded Caroline to reveal the special surprise and Caroline cried. Since Christmas day, the ‘roos seem to be adjusting nicely to their new home, though we’re not sure if they’re permanent guests or just staying for a few days.

We learned that the Bryans named the kangaroos Margo and Todd, from “Christmas Vacation,” but Caroline likes to refer to them by their rapper names– 2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan. Like anybody this time of year, they really love to cozy up to the fire. Caroline shared on Instagram, “2 Live Roo and Roo Tang Clan are living their best life. 🔥🔥🔥Seriously…real names are Margo and Todd. They are adjusting perfectly are beyond sweet and precious.”

Instagram post by Caroline Bryan • Dec 27, 2017 at 2:26am UTC

The baby ‘roos are also making themselves quite comfortable in Luke and Caroline’s bed. So, clearly, they know what’s up.

And the two are getting plenty of exercise while everyone else has been wearing the same pair of sweats for a week straight now. ​

If Margo and Todd stick around and live full-time at Brett’s Barn they’ll be joining quite the crew– mini llamas, mini horses, goats and a pig. Caroline’s family also launched The Brett Boyer Foundation in memory of her niece. The mission of the Brett Boyer Foundation is “to raise awareness for children with Congenital Heart Disease and Down Syndrome through the funding of advanced, targeted research to improve patients’ lives and to provide education, housing and financial support to affected families.”

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