Luke Bryan’s “Love Me In a Field” is About You Know What in a Field

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In case you forgot, Luke Bryan is a simple man. You know, just a guy from Georgia doing his thing. To remind yourself just how simple he is, take a listen to “Love Me In A Field” off of Bryan’s new Farm Tour… Here’s To the Farmer EP.

“Love Me In a Field” is full of big-bodied guitar licks, aggressive drums and that classic Luke swagger. It’s all about love– in a field.

Don’t need a hotel or a high-rise
A big ol’ boat with a fancy name
Don’t need a backseat
Don’t need no rusty truck bed
We can leave that dust on that ol’ porch swing

Let’s get tangled in the tassels of some ten foot corn
Tear our t-shirts in the cotton patch behind the barn
Get lost out in the rye grass
Lay a blanket in the beets
Tear up some turnip greens on some river bottom ground
Or find some muscadines up on a hill
Baby, love me in a field

Sounds itchy and a bit dirty, even for the son of a peanut farmer, right?

Luke’s Farm Tour is set to kickoff this week in between Kill the Lights Tour dates.