Luke Bryan Gave a Really Weird/Funny Speech About Nipple Replacement Surgery and Here It Is

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Over the last year or so, Luke Bryan has become known for more than just his hip-shaking dance moves while on stage. He’s been really engaging with fans by doing things like yoga, borrowing phones to look up lyrics and doling out marriage advice.

Recently, while playing to a soldout crowd in Honolulu, Hawaii, Luke might have gone a little rogue and a little TMI.

After the thanking the crowd for showing up, Luke shared, “I’ve been surfing every day with my family and yes, I got to have nipple replacement surgery. I mean, Lord, what the hell? All the girls are like, ‘oh, yeah, it’s terrible.’ Shit! Shit my tits. We need to do a rashguard that says, ‘shit, my tits.’ Hey, I’m trademarking that, don’t you steal it from me. Hey, don’t YouTube that now.”

Well, there it is. Mark Cuban, have you seen this?