Luke Bryan Says “The American Spirit Is About Not Living In Fear”

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Following the heartbreaking events in Orlando this weekend, Americans have again come face to face with the fear of the unknown.

For artists like Luke Bryan, who often spend their nights performing in front of large crowds, engaging in meet and greets and signing autographs for fans, there is now an added stress and urgency to stay safe and vigilant in group settings.

“The only way I know that we’ll ever combat it is just to keep going right after the problem,” he said. “I have people that look after me, but we’ll have to start ramping it up and I don’t want to do that… And I just hate that it seems like we’re heading down a path where we can’t just walk into a full stadium or a full amphitheater or a football game, baseball game, and it does change the game.”

To Luke, this takes the magic out of deviating from the set and engaging with fans in the crowd, but, at the end of the day, what’s most important is that he is there for his family.

When asked about how he will approach explaining the situation to his kids, Luke responded, “My approach in life is, let’s huddle up and say our prayers in the evening and let’s be smart about how we live, but I still think the American spirit is about not living in fear and fighting that urge to live in fear.”