Luke Bryan Talks Family Tragedies and Hip Shakin’ Moves

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Luke Bryan is one of the biggest stars to ever take the country music stage. Luke got his first guitar when he was 14 and right now, he’s sitting on the Forbes list as the No. 37 highest-paid celebrity in the world. Not bad for a small-town country boy from Georgia.

During a recent interview with “Today” and Willie Geist, Luke talked about what it was like growing up and how those roots got him to the biggest stages in the country.

Luke, being his normal lovable self, also delivered some new one-liners we haven’t heard before:

  • “The radio stations in their cars, were on the radio.. country radio.”
  • “My older siblings, they snuck away and listened to… you know, that’s devil’s music.”
  • “I recognized I was going to be a horrible athlete, so I gotta a little band together.”
  • “My art is to get people together and help them have a good time.”
  • “The moves happened from the soul, the spirit… I don’t know!”
  • “I love the wisdom of 40, I’m not sure I love the sore knees.”
Luke also told Willie he’d teach him a few moves for his wife.