Luke Bryan’s Wife Caroline Proves to Be An Expert at Practical Jokes

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Luke Bryan Caroline air horn family prannks
Photo by Tammie Arroyo/

Luke Bryan’s family celebrates the holidays a little differently from most. Instead of the 12 Days of Christmas, Luke’s wife, Caroline, enjoys playing pranks on her family for 12 days. In a series of videos posted to Instagram, Caroline shares her stealth-like nature with the use of her new favorite item: the air horn.

“The air horn. Just because….it’s always funny,” Caroline captions six video clips where she scares her family and friends. “I swear I could carry this thing around every day. Til did get me back…this thing is loud as hell. #12daysofpranksmas #imsorryiloveyou”

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Her country superstar husband was the first to fall victim and jumps when she blows the air horn behind him.

“Damn! Stop doing that,” Luke pleads as he walks into the couple’s kitchen after being startled.

Caroline is heard laughing behind the camera and apologizes. “Sorry, I love you.”

While she scares countless others, her brother is the one person that remains unaffected. “My brother never even flinched. I scared him enough the past 37 years,” she writes.

No one is exempt from Caroline’s pranks, that is including her mother-in-law. In another post, the air horn is used while LeClaire Bryan is chatting with her family. Seated outside, she jumps up the moment she hears it. Later, Caroline once again pranks her mother-in-law but this time it’s with a fireworks display. As LeClaire walks by there is an explosion.

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“Got her…twice!!! She may never speak to us again, but it was so funny!!!” Caroline writes. “Merry Pranksmas @leclaire.bryan #12daysofpranksmas #imsorryiloveyou.”

It may be Caroline’s 12 Days of Prankmas but she better be careful if those she pranked team up against her!