Maren Morris Talks About The Time She Screened Elton John’s Calls And How She Made It Big In Nashville

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Everyone in Nashville is looking to “make it.” It is the epicenter of the country music business and attracts everyone from soulful songwriters to people wanting to break into artist management, PR, styling, and sound engineering. So, how does someone “make it.” How does someone like Maren Morris go from touring Texas bars to having Elton John call her to fawn over her debut album? Her advice, “Get in line.”

Morris tried to audition for both The Voice and American Idol but failed to make it past the first round of auditions. Instead of giving up, she moved to Nashville, living with roommates she met on Craigslist. There, she turned to songwriting, where she put in her time writing songs for other artists like Kelly Clarkson and Tim McGraw.

When she wrote “My Church”, everything changed.

Later in that interview, Morris gave some sobering advice to aspiring country musicians. “Get in line,” she said, not spitefully or dismissively, but as a sincere encouragement.

“[What] people respect here is that you don’t just push your way into a room, you wait your turn because everyone here is good. When people ask me for advice, I say ‘Get in line,’ because you could throw a rock and hit a Hall of Fame songwriter here…Nashville does such a fine job of kicking out jerks that you have to be nice, work hard, and you have to be good. You just have to wait for the timing to be right.”

Essentially: work hard and be patient. Fame can happen overnight, but it usually happens to people who have been working a long time.