Maren Morris Performs Soulful “I Wish I Was”

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Out of all the songs on country breakout star Maren Morris‘ upcoming debut album Hero, “I Wish I Was” was the one to inspire the album’s title.

A song about wishing to be something or someone greater than who you actually are, “I Wish I Was” is relatable to anyone who has felt unsatisfied or uninspired by themselves. Holding powerful lines like, “I’m not the hero in the story, I’m not the girl that gets the glory, ‘Cause you’re looking for true love, and I’m not the one, but I wish, but I wish I was,” this track is incredibly soulful, touching and another exciting peak into what we have to look forward to in Maren’s new album.

In this live performance, accompanied only by two acoustic guitars and modest harmonies, Maren lets her voice and the lyrics of the song shine.