Maren Morris’ Live Pop-Up Video for “My Church”

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Maren Morris’ debut single, “My Church” put the country music world on notice. With her soulful, strong voice and lyrics longing for the likes of George Jones and Johnny Cash, we picked as one of our top radio singles for 2015 and so did every other publication in the world.

Morris played a stripped-down live version of the tune for Vevo’s DSCVR series with just two members of her touring band, showcasing her voice and the depth of the song.

The video is also a pop-up video with factoids popping up throughout the video. Some facts are more interesting than others.

  • Maren Morris lives in Nashville, Tennessee. Not that interesting. 
  • Maren’s favorite candy is Raisinettes. Kind of interesting. 
  • Maren can’t whistle and couldn’t snap until she was 12. Very interesting. 


Image Source: YouTube