Maren Morris Didn’t Know Ryan Hurd Was Serious About Proposing Until He Proposed


Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd have been totally in love for quite some time, but the proposal was a bit of surprise– at least for Maren.

"Yes." 💍

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Ryan’s side of the story (shared with Rare Country) was easy, he had a ring, he knew he wanted to propose, so he did, “I woke up on the 3rd and I said to myself that that was the day. But there was no point where we were alone together, and so we jumped in the boat and had about 20 minutes together. It was really special. It was a beautiful night and there weren’t a lot of people on the water. It was July 3, so there were fireworks all around the lake and I told her I bought all those fireworks just for her.”


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Maren, on the other hand, told CMT’s Cody Alan, she had no idea he was serious about it, “I really had no idea… I had sweats on and my glasses. Did not look cute at all, so that’s how I knew he was serious.”

Sounds like true love to us.

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