Maren Morris’s Sophomore Album is Officially Done— “This Album is My Proudest Work”


Maren Morris is officially done recording her sophomore album. The follow-up to 2016’s “Hero,” she tells fans “y’all ain’t ready” in a note on Instagram.

“Me and my manager @janetochan hearing MM2 officially done and crying,” she captions a photo. “This album is my proudest work. All the ugly, all the things that shouldn’t be said and SHOULD be said. We’ve been through it all. Y’all ain’t ready.”

Maren previously told Billboard that she finished the album’s final vocals on Nov. 11 and is prepping it for delivery to her label, Sony Music Nashville.

“It was good to have a deadline to finish it because I would probably keep listening to mixes forever,” she told the publication.

Billboard reports that the album’s lead single will be released shortly after the new year. Maren’s current single, “Rich,” remains in the Top 5 on Billboard‘s Country Airplay chart.

At a concert last month, Maren gave fans an early listen to a brand new song. While she didn’t reveal the song’s title, she did share some of the lyrics in a caption on Instagram: “lucky for me, your kind of heaven has been to hell & back.”

In the short clip, Maren is seen on stage with her acoustic guitar. The delicate ballad has her singing of having a checkered past and learning that a new love interest doesn’t care about that past and has no interest in changing who she is.

“Smoke was comin’ off my jacket and you didn’t seem to mind / I left a long trail of ashes,” she sings on the first verse. She continues to sing of past heartbreak and how “the skeletons I wanted to bury you locked out in the light.”

Annie Reuter
Annie Reuter is a freelance journalist based in Nashville. When she's not covering the latest music news or interviewing countless country artists, she can be found at a writers round listening to the best up-and-coming songwriting talent Music City has to offer.

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