Joshua Scott Jones (Formerly of Steel Magnolia) Unleashes Twitter Rant on Label Executive, and Names the Man He Says Threatened to “Kill” Meghan Linsey

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Joshua Scott Jones made a name for himself in the country community as one half of Steel Magnolia with Meghan Linsey. The pair appeared on CMT’s “Can You Duet” and won a record deal with Big Machine records.

Joshua Scott Jones and Meghan Linsey were not only musical partners but also engaged to be married. However, in 2014, they announced they were pursuing solo careers and their engagement had ended.

Last night, Joshua Scott Jones posted his thoughts on Twitter after, apparently, being set off by a tweet from Big Machine head Scott Borchetta.

He made several comments about his lack of respect for the label head.

After that, Joshua Scott Jones turned his gaze on others in the music industry calling out the head of Live Nation and the group’s former manager.

Earlier this week, Meghan Linsey shared a painful memory on social media, explaining that during her time in Steel Magnolia a “powerful” man sexually harassed her and then threatened her.

“When I was touring with Steel Magnolia in 2010, a very powerful man in the music business grabbed up my skirt,” she wrote. “He was groping me and proceeded to try to pick me up by my ass on a bus in front of a lot of important people. I was mortified and told him not to touch me and to put me down. It caused quite a scene and I could tell that he was embarrassed and angry. The next night he came up behind me and whispered in my ear, he said, ‘I have boats bigger than you could ever imagine, and I could put you in the middle of the ocean where no one would ever hear from you again. Just remember that.’ He laughed and walked away.”

Joshua Scott Jones does not directly link the two events, but it does seem likely this is what he’s referencing.

Then the tweets seem to quit following any logical path, as Joshua Scott Jones writes:

And after roughly 13 hours he added:

Earlier this week, Borchetta responded to Linsey’s claims via a statement to Fox News, “Meghan Linsey is a highly regarded former member of the Big Machine Label Group and we would never condone, let alone silence an artist on this label who experienced this kind of behavior. We have a clear-cut HR protocol for these types of occurrences, and while Meghan never came to me about any such incident, I checked our records and with our staff to see if she’d gone to someone else within the company. There is no record, nor any recollection from me or the staff of the incident she’s describing. Had it come to our attention, we would have certainly acted quickly and decisively on her behalf.”