Dennis Quaid Stars in Midland’s Humorous Video for “Mr. Lonely” [Watch]

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We love a good cameo in a country music video, but when Midland enlisted the help of Hollywood icon Dennis Quaid for “Mr. Lonely,” they got more than they expected. Dennis doesn’t just appear in the video, he steals the spotlight.

Full of tongue-in-cheek humor and a healthy serving of slapstick, Midland appears as themselves jamming in a honky-tonk. When Dennis shows up to enjoy a night of music and, perhaps, a couple of frosty, cold beverages, he runs into enough exes to start a club, each member bearing that tattoo logo that also brands the back of Dennis’ blue jean jacket—a cowboy bunny.

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It takes less than two minutes for the music and the comedy to ensue. As the jilted women get their revenge, bottle by bottle, dart by dart, the band supplies a bona fide country soundtrack that, minus the music video, is guaranteed to get boots on the hardwoods.

In fact, after you’ve enjoyed the video’s “Director’s Cut,” be sure to check out the line dance video. With their vintage look and sound, it makes sense that the fellas from Midland would want to resurrect line dancing and bring it back to its former glory.

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The steps don’t look too complicated and they leave plenty of space for adding your own flair and finesse, so get ready to break it down. Midland is headlining their own Electric Rodeo Tour this year in addition to playing fairs, festivals, and amphitheaters all summer.