Miley Cyrus Performs Touching “How’ve Ya Been” Duet With Dad Billy Ray Cyrus

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Though father-daughter collaborations have been a staple throughout pop icon Miley Cyrus‘ career, it’s been a while since we’ve seen the 23-year-old singer join forces with her “Achy Breaky Heart”-singing dad Billy Ray Cyrus. But, just recently, the two teamed up once again to give a stunning and emotional performance of Billy Ray’s classic song, “How’ve Ya Been.”

The track, which was the second song Billy Ray ever wrote, was inspired by a friend he lost to suicide. In the video’s caption, Miley explained that he wrote the song “years ago after his best friend took his own life because of discrimination in his community.” She also mentioned that the two chose to perform that song in honor of September’s Suicide Awareness Month.

The chemistry and harmonies that these two portray in the simple cover are absolutely stunning and undeniably heartfelt. It’s beautiful.