Miley Cyrus Got Political With A Patriotic Cover Of “These Boots Are Made For Walkin'”


“Miley Cyrus is political!? I’m shocked,” said no person ever. It is no surprise on a night that fans wrote actual thank you notes to Hillary Clinton that Miley Cyrus would dedicate a song to her. The “Younger Now” singer was an outspoken supporter of hers through the entire 2016 election. What is surprising is that Miley has played mostly covers during her residency at “The Tonight Show”, no more than two weeks after dropping a new album of her own.

“Week Without You” is the only song of her own that Miley has performed. It was a really beautiful song. But how often will you be able to play any song you want live on TV? It stands to reason that she would play some of her favorite timely songs of purpose to play.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, it’s a pretty great cover.

Dusty Sullivan
A southern fella whose roots are in The Natural State and heart is in the outdoors

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