Miranda Lambert And Green Day Team Up For A Song That Must Be Heard To Be Believed


Punk rock has not aged well. Most of its fans hold on to music from the eighties and rare few of the bands are still together. Green Day, one of the more irreverent teenage angst groups of the 1990s, has adapted over time, producing Broadway musicals and writing “Time of your Life”, the theme song of high school graduations everywhere. Now, they have teamed up with Miranda Lambert to try their hand at country.

Before you completely write them off, let me say, these guys are really good at adapting. The band’s latest album, God’s Favorite Band, is a thirty-year retrospective of their greatest hits. You don’t have that kind of career without successfully evolving and adapting.

The album includes a version “Ordinary World” reworked as a duet with Lambert, which I was fully prepared toss into the trash. Everything in me wants to dislike it. Everything. But, I can’t.

If Miranda sang this on her own, people would probably love it. Can we really discount it because it’s a Green Day song?

Dusty Sullivan
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