“Leave Some Mystery,” Miranda Lambert Talks About Her Social Media Habits

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Social media has given fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists. It has made celebrities out of people with no discernible talent beyond being photogenic. It gives artists an exciting way to stay in touch with their fans in both promotional and personal ways. But social media is not all positive. It is possible to over-share, to be narcissistic, and turns fans into trolls. Miranda Lambert is notably quiet on social media for a star of her caliber. That’s no mistake.

CMT’s Cody Alan asked Lambert about her social media habits, and wondered if she enjoys posting new content.

“I love when you share stuff on social media– do you like that?”

“Oh, no,” she said. “Social media is really hard for me. I have to, like, really hard… People hammer on you for spelling and grammar, everybody reads into everything so much, so I just choose wisely what I share.”

The governing mindset on celebrity social media is to regularly post what will get you attention, build your brand, and promote your work. Lambert, in contrast, gives her dogs attention, protects her privacy, and promotes her friends. She is also a huge fan of mystery– under-sharing with a purpose. For example, when her album The Weight of These Wings went platinum, she posted nothing to Instagram or Facebook. Her team posted a tweet.

Was she excited? Surely. Is she required to post every exciting thing that happens in her career? Absolutely not.

But a lot of us expect or demand that she should. That’s one problem we, the fans, can solve.