Miranda Lambert Gets Completely Starstruck Around Faith Hill

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Just because Miranda Lambert is a superstar doesn’t mean that she doesn’t still get starstruck.

“Every time I’m around Faith Hill, I turn into a complete idiot,” she told Bobby Bones. “I don’t know why. It’s just Faith Hill. She’s just so pretty and she’s so awesome.”

She even had a moment at this year’s ACM Awards with the songstress when they went on stage for winning the Forever Country award.

“At the ACMs this year, we all won that award — which was so weird — and we all go on stage and we didn’t really know what to do,” she admitted. “We didn’t know if any other artists were going to walk on stage, so it was weird. I got stuck in the back with Faith and she grabbed my hand and I was, ‘Hello!’ [laughs]”

Faith isn’t the only one that makes Miranda nervous, though, she adds, “Anyone from the ’90s is where I get stupid.”

Me too, girl. Me too.