More Details Revealed About The Sixth and Final Season of “Nashville”

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With CMT’s “Nashville” coming to an end in 2018, the network is getting us all worked up about the final season, promising drama, new characters and new music.

In the latest trailer about Season 6, the characters like Gunnar Scott, played by Sam Palladio and Juliette Barnes, played by Hayden Panetierre, reveal a little more in-depth information about their characters, without giving away the story line.

“The challenge this season is for Gunnar to see how he adapts to being his own man and not being part of that relationship, not being part of that duo, not having that other person in his live,” Sam Palladio says of his character.

The show creator, Callie Khouri and showrunner Marshall Herskovitz assure us that season 6 will also bring about some new music. Creator Callie Khouri leads us to believe that there will be new musical configurations to excite us.

“What you’re seeing in season 6 is a lot of different people taking different paths in their lives.,” Marshall said in the video.

“When we open and we see Juliette, she has gotten a second chance but her depression kind of takes over,” Hayden reveals. “These layers come one after the other and the evolution of her character and the complexity of that is incredible. I’m excited as an actor to get to play those layers. The fans are not going to believe all the juicy details we have this season.”

Nashville is set to go out with a bang when it premieres on Jan. 4 on CMT.