Nicole Kidman Says Kindness is Sexy (She’s Talking About Keith Urban)

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After more than 11 years of marriage and the constant spotlight on their relationship, one of the most impressive things about Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban is their ability to find new ways to talk about each other. Not just new ways, but new compliments that seem to have recently discovered or decided they are ready to tell the rest of the world about. Mostly, when they talk about each other it always seem genuine, never forced.

During a recent interview with Vogue, Kidman got more candid about her family than she has in the past sharing that their daughters have friends over all the time and though they aren’t photographed often, Sunday and Faith are usually nearby.

“I read at the school. We’re a very tight-knit family—we get anxious if we’re separated more than two days. We try to have sit-down dinners every night we’re here. Friends from school come over. Sometimes we’ll have nine kids for dinner,” she shared.

Can you imagine being 9-years-old and walking around your friend’s house and casually hearing Urban working on a guitar riff or Kidman reciting lines? (One can only imagine that that’s what happens in a GRAMMY-Oscar-winning home, right?)

When discussing her abused and brilliant character, Celeste, on “Big Little Lies,” Kidman shared that her marriage to Urban is much different than the show (duh), saying, “”They say kindness isn’t sexy, but it is.”

Nicole, who says that?

Not us.