Nine Ways Taylor Swift Grew the Country Music Fan Base

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Taylor Swift has taken over the radio and award shows with her popular music, gorgeous trends and guitar playing, but how did she help breathe fresh air into the country music scene? Here are nine ways Taylor Swift revived country music:

1. She followed Carrie’s lead.

After Underwood won “American Idol,” country music needed a follow-up star not created from a reality TV show. Swift’s youth, innocence and catchy tunes continued America’s love for country music.

2. She exposed a younger demographic to country music.

As Jason Aldean pointed out, her songs resonated with young fans who had never been exposed to country music before. And they were sold.

3. Her songs address issues everyone can relate to.

Most everyone can relate to teenage heartbreak and Swift’s emotional anthems brought back the innocence of youth to a country base.

4. Her songs are performed on “The Voice” and “American Idol.”

Covers performed in front of millions of viewers on ‘The Voice‘ and ‘American Idol’  have also increased Swift’s popularity among the general population of American viewers.

5. She stands up to critics – and even writes a song about it.

Swift’s 2011 hit “Mean” was a response to a critic’s ‘scathing negative review’ for a performance in 2009. Swift’s anti-bully anthem is relatable to any age, especially those country music lovers who get bashed for their musical tastes.

6.She donated money to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

She recently donated $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Located in the heart of Nashville, the Country Music Hall of Fame pays tribute to the innovators of Country Music and recognizes the stars of today.

7. She’s a positive role model for a young audience. 

Claiming more influence than Justin BieberSwift’s sweet-girl attitude is great for drawing more parental approval to her fan base. They flock as chaperones to her concerts, exposing more potential fans to her concerts and opening acts.

8. She chooses her friends wisely.

Between magazine covers with Kellie Pickler and a best friend pact with Selena Gomez, Swift is proud of her strong lady friendships. Her best gals attract the paparazzi and solidify her country roots at heart.

9. The country music universe claims her.

Some may feel Taylor Swift is not actually a country music artist, but when Blake Shelton and the rest of the country universe claim you for their genre, it’s the real deal.

Whether we feel Taylor is country, pop or both, she is proud to be authentic in the country music industry, and we’re proud to have her.

Image Source: Photo Works/BigStock