Pistol Annies Share Stripped Down Performance of “Best Years of My Life” [Watch]

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Pistol Annies new song
Photo by Miller Mobley

Pistol Annies shared the song “Best Years of My Life” with fans ahead of their latest album release, “Interstate Gospel.” In a new acoustic performance video posted to YouTube, the song’s haunting lyrics come to life. The stripped down ballad written by Pistol Annies’ Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, has the three women trading verses as they look back on their struggles.

Singing of settling for a man because she doesn’t think she can do better, the three women drown their sorrows in self medication of alcohol, pills and mindless television. “I got the hankering for intellectual emptiness,” they sing on the song.

In an interview with the Nashville Scene, the women explain the story behind the song. “Sometimes silence makes you hear more,” Miranda explains. “There is so much noise everywhere. I used to get energy from noise. Now I get energy from silence.”

The song itself has the Pistol Annies singing about the highs and lows that life can bring. Ashley says the idea for “Best Years of My Life” came together while she was wrapping gifts during the holidays.

“That song came to me when I was wrapping Christmas presents. Fast-forward, we were talking about [Miranda’s] friend that lives in her hometown who we all love, who is a mom of four,” she recalled.

Miranda then chimes in, saying her friend is actually a mother to five children.

“We texted her a night we were writing, and she said, ‘Write a song about an overworked mom, because it’s really hard,’” Miranda recalled. “It gives permission to feel. Saying it gives ourselves permission.”

Upon its release earlier this month, “Interstate Gospel” debuted at No. 1 on Billboard‘s Top Country Albums chart.