Randy Travis Files Federal Lawsuit Over Naked Arrest Video

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If there is one thing that Randy Travis doesn’t want released to the public, it’s the police video from his 2012 DWI arrest—where the singer was incoherent and reportedly naked.

It’s no wonder he’s on his fourth attempt—after losing three times in the state courts—to plead to the federal courts to block the release.

According to the American Statesman, Travis filed another lawsuit in Austin federal court on Sunday (Sept. 10). The lawsuit argues that making the video public under the state’s open records laws would violate federal disability and medical privacy laws.

Travis’ arrest took place on Aug. 7, 2012. Police were called to a one-car wreck outside of Tioga, Texas, where Troopers dashboard cameras filmed the incident and arrest.Travis plead guilty to driving while intoxicated after tests found he had a blood-alcohol level of 0.21—more than two times the legal limit.

Approximately a year after the arrest, Travis suffered a debilitating stroke, leaving him partially paralyzed and unable to speak coherently.

In the lawsuit, Travis’ attorney argues, “The (ordered) release of such highly embarrassing information to the media was inappropriate in light of the fact he can no longer speak cogently and is not even in the position to discuss, let alone defend, his previous actions.”

Hopefully, Randy will be successful in his latest attempt to block the video, because that’s a Randy Travis video that we just don’t want to see.