Rascal Flatts and Boyz II Men Got Into a Battle, It’s The Best Thing Ever

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If you’ve ever wondered why the Internet existed, it’s not to disseminate information in a quick way or to keep you connected to humans across the globe. No, the Internet literally exists so Rascal Flatts could battle Boyz II Men in the greatest thing to ever happen to any group of men who sing for a living.

Boyz II Men have sold 27 million albums worldwide and currently have a residency in Las Vegas. Rascal Flatts have sold a respectable 18 million albums and still tour and recently had a No.1 single.

This battle touched on more topics than I knew were available– the Boyz compared the Flatts to a bad Fox News show. Flatts said the Boyz were every single grandmother’s favorite band. And those were the ones suitable for publishing.

This is brilliant.