Discussion: Did Reba Just Post the Greatest Photo of All-Time to Instagram?

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As celebrities become more and more famous, they give up more and more of their day-to-day activities. Like, spoiler alert– some of your favorite stars on Instagram or Twitter aren’t posting those updates themselves.

At the same time, more and more celebrities are taking back control of their social media and giving fans an even more in-depth look at life through their eyes.

No one can say for sure, but I think Reba runs her own Instagram account. Some of the photos are just too real on there.

Like this one from the Colosseum in Rome. At least, she says it was at the Colosseum. This is a total mom photo. Looks good on your phone, but you know, it’s not exactly going to appear in National Geographic next month.

Another TV shot– same TV, so you know it’s Reba.

And then, there’s this picture of her TV. Now, the sentiment is definitely there. She’s just trying to promote Carly Pearce, an up-and-coming female country music singer with one of the best songs to come out of Nashville in years.

And Reba definitely took this photo. No one in charge of marketing, social media or branding would put this on the Internet. But, 10/10 would give it a heart.

All of that to say, Reba’s most recent photo posted to Instagram isn’t just one of the best photos ever taken of her, it’s one of the best photos ever uploaded to the social media site.

I don’t know what makes a horse ugly, but upon studying this photo, I can say that her hair seems off and the coloring isn’t consistent. But, all I know about horses is some are different than others– like dogs, there are different kinds.

And look at Reba! That look on her face, that toboggan. The carefully crafted outfit that’s casual enough for a horse ride, but cool enough to let everyone in the pasture know– I’ve been in Nashville doing my thing.

So, yes, in conclusion. This is one of the greatest photos ever. And Reba’s Instagram feed is better than most.

If you’re still not convinced, there is another option for best photo of all-time– this one of Reba eating a corn dog on a private plane.