6 Things Every Southern Woman Needs From the New Rockin’ R by Reba Collection at Cracker Barrel

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Reba McEntire is the perfect example of a classy Southern lady.

Not only is the 61-year-old artist is one of the most influential, talented women in the entertainment business today, but she exudes class, confidence and style — basically, she’s the benchmark for everything we hope to be when we grow up.

And now, with a little help from Cracker Barrel, we can all channel our inner-Reba.

The multi-faceted talent just released a new line called Rockin’ R by Reba, which is available exclusively at Cracker Barrel. The line offers everything from jewelry, to shoes, to home decor, to kitchenware, to kid’s toys– all inspired by the one and only– Reba.

6 Things Every Southern Woman Needs From the New Rockin’ R by Reba Collection at Cracker Barrel:

1. Rockin’ R by Reba Brown Stoneware Mug
Do you like your coffee on the fancy side? This’ll do you just fine!

2. Rockin’ R by Reba Metal Table Clock
What time is it in New England? Cowgirls like you will always know!

3. Rockin’ R by Reba “People You Can Learn From” Lath Sign
Turn on a rerun of “Reba” and it’ll be like you’re surrounding yourself with the queen herself, because you know you can learn a lot from the queen!

4. Rockin’ R by Reba Glass Candle with Lid – Large
Rumor has it this candle smells even better than it looks.

5. Rockin’ R by Reba Silver Statement Cuff
If you see him (or her) tell him (or her) this bracelet is the perfect gift for just about any situation.

6. Rockin’ R by Reba Crystal Necklace
Don’t be the last one to know about this amazing crystal necklace!

Rockin’ R by Reba items are available for purchase in stores and online right now. Rockin’ R by Reba items were designed exclusively by Reba and are only available at Cracker Barrel.