Reba McEntire Gives Seal of Approval to Kelsea Ballerini, Lauren Alaina, Dustin Lynch and Maren Morris

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The lingering question in country music has always been “who’s gonna fill their shoes?” Meaning, with the new crop of up and coming singers, who will be the artist that that can hold a candle to or enjoy a 30+ year career like Alan Jackson, George Strait or Reba McEntire.

Reba McEntire held a Twitter chat with her fans on Wednesday (Jan. 24), where she was asked a questions about her favorite current artists and those she might see having an enduring career.

Gregg Dow tweeted the question, “What new country artists are you loving right now and see having long term success?”

“Well I think Lauren Alaina is a very talented young lady and I think she’s got a lot of potential,” Reba said, answering the question. “Kelsea Ballerini who I got to sing on the CMA’s with, love her to pieces. Great potential, great songwriter/singer, everything about it. Dustin Lynch, my boyfriend. Love him to pieces. And then Maren Morris. I think she’s really good. So those are the ones I’m really hoping that they would go on and do great things.”

Lauren, Kelsea, Maren and Dustin all have the seal of approval from the Queen of Country Music, Reba McEntire. That’s one endorsement that money can’t buy.