Red Marlow Didn’t Nail “The Dance” on “The Voice,” But It’s Worth a Listen

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This week on “The Voice,” the Top 11 contestants had their songs chosen by fans. Or you know, fans chose a few songs and producers chose from what they could get cleared to be on TV.

For Red Marlow, he got a doozie. Literally, one of the greatest songs ever to be released, in any genre. Garth Brooks originally released “The Dance” in 1989 on his debut album, which is kind of insane when you think about it, because almost as soon as it was released it became his signature song. Over and over again, Brooks has said this will always be his favorite song.

For the most part, the song hasn’t been officially covered all that much because it’s just one of those songs that is really hard to make your own. If you change it people get upset and if you don’t nail it, everyone notices.

Marlow did his best and since storytelling is his thing he had that going for him.

The coaches agreed.

“The way you stood there and commanded room… shows that you are owning the moment and drawing us in,” coach Jennifer Hudson said.

With Blake Shelton adding, “You did have the crowd captivated and the reason you did is because you are such a great storyteller and that is such a great song. The reason you are such a great storyteller is because you sing with pure, simple honesty and man, you can’t fake that. Everything you sing, we know comes from your heart.”

However, they didn’t touch on his actually singing ability. He missed some notes, but the passion was there.