#TeamBlake Brings Old School Country to “The Voice” with Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishin’ in the Dark”


Unfortunately, this battle round was determined the second coach Blake Shelton chose Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s “Fishin’ in the Dark” for his battle round pairing between Red Marlow and Ryan Scripps on “The Voice.” I mean, the guy’s name is Red and he’s been singing in honky tonks since before Ryan was alive. Are we sure this thing isn’t rigged?

Before the performance Blake claimed he paired the two against each other because he wanted to focus on one brand of country music– old school country and “that new stuff that’s coming out now.” But, if that was true he should’ve picked a different tune, maybe?

The coaches agreed that Red and Ryan were a good pairing, but that Red was the better of the two.

Adam was the only one that even noticed his name correlated with his guitar strap and boots. Red told the crowd, “when you’re as ugly as me you gotta draw all the people’s eyes down to your feet.”

When it was finally time for Blake to decide he told them, “You both represent country music… but, I gotta say when you listen to the vocals in this battle, it is very equal in a lot of ways, but the winner of this battle is… Red.”

Lauren Cowling
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