Reese Witherspoon Commented on Kelsea Ballerini’s Instagram Photo and We’re Guessing She Freaked Out Over It

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A couple of months ago, Kelsea Ballerini did an interview where she said, “I’m the biggest fangirl in the world. Like, it’s never going to be a casual thing for me to be in the same room as Carrie Underwood. That’s never going to be something that I’m used to.” Keep in mind, both women were nominated for CMA Female Vocalist of the Year this year.

Kelsea’s a big fan of a lot of people, but in the last few years she’s become friends with some of her country music heroes. So, what’s next? Oh, just Reese Witherspoon commenting on her Instagram photo and congratulating her on her marriage to Morgan Evans.

So, knowing what we know about Kelsea, do we think she quit breathing when she saw the comment or just silently freaked out? Both?

Also, have you ever noticed how much Reese and Kelsea look alike?