Tim McGraw Says The Secret To A Long Relationship Is In The Video For “The Rest Of Our Lives”

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It’s about time Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s “The Rest of Our Lives” is an open look at the less glamorous side of marriage. The couple is in the middle of a fight, unable to talk without shouting. It’s not a fairytale look at a marriage, but it is real and common. Just ask any married couple. But a strong foundation of love with keep a relationship growing, even through those low times. That’s what McGraw wanted to show in the video and why he thinks the song is so important to him.

In a behind the scenes look at the making of the video, McGraw explains the inspiration for the song and what can make a relationship last beyond the late night fights.

“The song is so beautiful and it says so much about life… Sometimes you don’t get along and don’t see eye to eye. I think this song sort of gives you that foundation of love that will last you through all of those ups-and-downs and all the storms. I think the video portrays that in a lot of ways.”

Tim and Faith’s first album of duets together, The Rest of Our Life, will be available on November 17.