13 Times Rita Wilson Commented on Faith Hill’s Instagram Photos Like a Total Non-Celebrity

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If you didn’t know, Rita Wilson is a critically-acclaimed actress who’s appeared on everything from “The Brady Bunch” to “Girls.” She’s had roles in major box office films and served as an executive producers on projects like “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” and “Mamma Mia!”

Wilson has also released two full-length albums and is married to the world’s most lovable man– Tom Hanks.

On top of all of those things, Wilson is a savvy Instagram user and casually comments on just about every photo Faith Hill posts. It’s such a treat to see super famous people use Instagram the way my friends and I do. Now, the real question is– do they start group texts with screen shots of Instagram comments and make fun of each other if a caption was lame or used a weird hashtag?

13 Times Rita Wilson Commented on Faith Hill’s Instagram Photos Like a Total Non-Celebrity:

1. Casual photography skill encouragement.

2. Slight nod to Tim McGraw with mutual acknowledgement for Adele.

3. Classic, “you guys are too much fun, wish I was there.”

4. Total mom vibe.

5. The subtle, “want you to know I saw this” comment.

6. Mutual love for Faith’s kids.

7. The “I’m a real fan” comment.

8. The “we’re real friends” nod.

9. The ditto, but more eloquent.

10. The “she probably needs a quick note” to let her know this tree isn’t too bright and won’t keep the neighbors up note.

11. The classic “happy birthday,” but “oh, yeah, the scenery” post.

12. The “I’ll throw you a bone” friend of the year comment.

13. Casual nod of “our circle of friends is so much cooler than your circle of friends” shade.