Jake Owen Shares Video from His Tour Bus, Where He Watched Las Vegas Shooting Unfold

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Jake Owen was on stage at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas as Jason Aldean started his set and gunfire broke out. As of this publishing, 58 concert-goers were killed and 515 have been reported as injured.

Owen, just hours after the shooting told ABC News, “Standing there, you could hear the bullets starting to hit the roof of the stage and people started fleeing everywhere. You could hear people screaming. It sounded like gunshots were coming from all around us, and this is before any of us knew that it was coming from above. The crowd started running. It was a bad scene.”

He continued, “There were people literally being shot. You could see blood everywhere. It was something that I wouldn’t ever want to see again or wish upon anyone else to see.”

Owen also took to Instagram to show fans what he saw from his tour bus.

Owen also tweeted as the shooting was happening.