Ruston Kelly’s “1000 Graves” Is A Heartbreaking Story Of Love During War


Ruston Kelly‘s Halloween is a raw, introspective record that has been garnering well-deserved attention since its release in April. One of the stand-out tracks is the moody “1000 Graves”, which just got paired with an equally emotional video. The video shares the story of a veteran returned home, wrestling with the memory of a love who was ripped away from her in combat.

The protagonist copes with her PTSD and pain through all-too familiar ways, drinking away her pain and pushing herself into isolation. She wrestles with the good memories and bad dreams that startle her awake. In sum, it is a devastating look into the life of a veteran with a love angle we aren’t used to seeing.

Kelly is touring with John Moreland through February and will back up Brian Fallon on his solo tour through March and April.

Dusty Sullivan
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